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Residential Conveyancing Solicitors

When you are buying or selling a property, the right conveyancer can make all the difference. Our property specialists lend you the support and plain-English advice you’d expect from a quality law firm, plus a level of due diligence that keeps your interests front and centre.

Napthens has an award-winning team, our residential property team was Highly Commended for North West firm of the year (2019).

Napthens is a member of the Conveyancing Association (CA) and proud to support and uphold its Pledges.

An accessible, available and convenient service

It’s your choice how you deal with us: face-to-face, by phone, or online. Most people use a mix of all three. Whichever method you choose, we’ll respond promptly and keep you regularly updated, ensuring that your questions are answered as quickly as possible.

You will also be able to access your case 24/7 via login to our confidential client area. Our industry-leading, user friendly online system gives you instant access to your case so you can keep an eye on its progress.

Your personal residential property specialist

Your transaction will be dealt with by a conveyancer who is dedicated to your case, and who is a residential property specialist.  We have over 20 specialist conveyancers in our Residential Conveyancing department. One of them will personally handle your transaction from the time your file is opened until completion takes place.

  • Adam Bradshaw
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Adam Bradshaw
  • Alex Owers
    Residential Property
    Alex Colton, Conveyancing Executive at Napthens Solicitors
  • Amy Leslie
    Residential Property
    Amy Leslie, Residential Property Solicitor at Napthens Solicitors
  • Andrew Holden
    Head of Rural
    Andrew Holden - Head Of Rural Law At Napthens Solicitors
  • Andy Vincent
    Residential Property
    Andy Vincent - Conveyancing Executive
  • Carla-Jane Finlay
    Residential Property
    Carlas-Jane Finlay Conveyancing Executive at Napthens
  • David Hill
    Commercial Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee David Hill
  • Dawn Culshaw
    Residential Property
    Dawn Culshaw - Conveyancing Executive at Napthens
  • Hazel Jones
    Residential Property
    Hazel Jones Residential Property Solicitor at Napthens
  • Jamie Allison
    Head of Cumbria and Real Estate
    Napthens Solicitors Employee James Allison
  • Jennifer Sutton
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Jennifer Snape
  • Karen Allcock
    Residential Property
    Karen Allcock - Conveyancing Executive
  • Kelly Abraham
    Residential Property
    Kelly Abraham - Conveyancing Executive at Napthens
  • Michelle Cunliffe
    Residential Property
    Michelle Cunliffe - Residential Conveyancing at Napthens
  • Natasha Athey
    Residential Property
    Natasha Athey - Conveyancing Executive at Napthens Southport
  • Pamela Richmond
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Pam Richmond
  • Rebecca Hardee
    Residential Property
    Rebecca Hardee - Residential Property Solicitor
  • Sally Calvert
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Sally Calvert
  • Sarah Barnes
    Head of Residential Property
  • Simon Ainsworth
    Residential Property
    Simon Ainsworth - partner, residential property
  • Sophia Khan
    Residential Property
    Sophia Khan - Conveyancing Solicitor at Napthens
  • Storm Hunt
    Residential Property
    Storm Hunt - Conveyancing Executive
  • Talitha Murphy
    Residential Property
    Talitha Murphy - Residential Property Business Development Manager
  • Uzma Begum
    Residential Property
    Uzma Begum Residential Property Solicitor At Napthens Solicitors
  • Zara Zaman
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Zara Zaman
  • Zenub Hussain
    Residential Property
    Zenub Hussain - Conveyancing Executive
Meet the team...

How long does it take to buy or sell property?

Most property transactions can be completed within 10-12 weeks; some leasehold sales and purchases may take slightly longer. However, every residential property transaction is different; the variables include the length of the property chain and the time taken to obtain mortgage offers, search results and surveys.

How much does it cost to buy or sell property?

We charge all clients fees based on a scale according to property price and a few other factors. If you can give us some basic information, we will be able to provide you with a quote.

Please note, there are some instances where an estimate can go up or down; we will tell you more about this when we respond to your enquiry.

Why choose Napthens?

  • 24/7 online access
  • Experienced and diligent
  • Dedicated case conveyancer
  • Conveyancing Association member
re my recent house purchase...simply outstanding and a credit to your organisation.  Clearly highly competent and professional, she was measured, calm and highly supportive through what was a very trying period.  I shall definitely be using your services again. Russ Brady
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