Fixed Fee Divorce Solicitors

How much does it cost to file for divorce?

If the divorce is undefended our fixed fee is £595 + VAT (£119) + court fees (£593)

What does this cover?

  • Preparation of divorce application
  • Preparation of the application for a conditional order following receipt of the other party’s reply to the divorce application
  • Forwarding your conditional order
  • Applying for your final order and forwarding to you
  • We will keep you updated you at each step. In addition to the above, your fixed fee will cover up to 2 hours discussion with you by phone, email or in person

How much does it cost for a divorce respondent?

Our fixed fee is £300 + VAT (£60)

What does this cover?

  • Meeting with you to discuss the divorce application
  • Completing the reply to the divorce application
  • Notifying you of the court date for pronouncement of the conditional order
  • Forwarding your conditional order and final order

Are there any additional costs?

  • Sometimes problems may occur, for example if the respondent does not sign the divorce papers.

We will keep you informed of any potential additional costs before carrying out work so that you can make appropriate decisions.

Our fixed fees do not cover advice if the other party does not sign the papers or advice on more complex issues relating to disagreements over children or financial aspects of your divorce. However, fixed fee packages can be made available for your specific requirements and can be tailor made.