Initial consultation

The cost of this meeting is £384 inc. VAT.

We provide an initial fixed fee face-to-face consultation. This includes one hour of preliminary advice from one of our specialist family lawyers.

We will follow this up with a full advice note of the meeting, to enable you to reflect on the information which we have given to you and to allow you to consider your options going forward.

At that meeting we will also be able to give you an indication of the likely future costs involved in your case.

Why a fixed fee initial consultation?

  • Certainty for you about the costs involved
  • Pay for the outcome you require – not the time taken by your lawyer

What if a fixed fee is not appropriate?

If a fixed fee isn’t suitable for your particular situation, we will provide an estimate for the work to be completed based upon hourly rates.

There are some circumstances where hourly rates may prove to be cheaper than a fixed fee.

An example of this might be where agreement has already been reached and we are just drafting an agreement or order; or where there are no assets involved and all that is required is an order dismissing any future claims.

Why choose Napthens?

  • Highly experienced specialist lawyers
  • Approachable and empathetic
  • Clear, straightforward advice
  • Expertise in advising on complex financial matters
  • Offices in Lancashire, Cumbria, Southport and Merseyside