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Pubs, bars, restaurants and takeaways

This post was last updated 29th June – since then the nation has entered a third national lockdown and the guidance below has been superceded as many hospitality businesses have had to close.

Updated 29th June

The Government has released the long awaited guidance for restaurants, pubs, bars and takeaway services that are intending to re-open after 4th July. A copy of the Guidance can be viewed here, but broadly speaking, the Government has advised that social distancing take place at a distance of two meters or, where that is not viable, at a distance of one metre plus other steps to mitigate the additional risk.

The onus has been placed very much on the operator to risk assess what additional measures might be required.

The Guidance is just that: guidance, and it will therefore be trumped by the Regulations which will need to be amended by 4th July.

Unfortunately, details of those amendments have not yet been provided so there are still a number of key questions to be answered, but in the articles in this section our leisure sector specialists examine what parts they can to provide guidance.

We will continue to keep you updated as the situation unfolds.