A Career In Law?

 So you want to train to practice law?

You’ve studied the law, you’ve secured successful results, you’re clear in your career choice… but is that enough?

  • A good lawyer needs rounded experience to understand how people work within a team; albeit with an independent mind and a desire to achieve the best results for a client. In addition you will need to have a range of experience to draw from in order to understand the needs of clients.
  • A good lawyer needs a commitment to detail and an ability to see matters through to completion – with the same degree of attention on completion as at the start. You need to understand that a client who has to chase a Lawyer for progress is already thinking someone else could do a better job!
  • A good lawyer needs to understand the commercial realities of client service which identifies how clients value your work and how trust is invested in what you do.
  • Above all, a good lawyer needs to understand what clients need from a relationship with them – and how to become their ‘trusted adviser’.

What qualities are needed?

  • An enquiring mind and an eye for detail are a start, but the candidates most likely to be selected to work for Napthens will be positive and ambitious.
  • They will have a commercial approach to the work they undertake, wishing to make the most efficient use of their time whilst providing the best possible service. They will want to be stretched in their occupation but supported in their ambitions.
  • Working with their colleagues will be as critical to their success as their own ambitions, and learning how to work within a team will be a central feature in their work ethic.