Wills & Will reviews

Making a Will and reviewing it regularly is essential if you want to provide for and protect your loved ones’ interests. A Will could help you cut the Inheritance Tax burden on your family and, as a legal document, ensures your wealth is used to achieve the future you planned.

It is particularly important to make or review your Will when considering major personal and financial decisions, such as buying a house or setting up a business; or a change in personal circumstances through marriage, having children or divorce.

What should a Will contain?

Your Will should seek to give your family clarity and direction as to your wishes regarding your money, possessions, and property. In our experience, families find the presence of a Will very reassuring at a difficult time. For example, it might contain:

  • Who is responsible for distributing your Estate (the Executors)
  • Who receives sentimental items
  • Who receives your Estate and when should they inherit
  • Whether any charities should benefit
  • Your funeral wishes

How to write a Will

If you have never written a Will, we recommend you write one with professional guidance to ensure its contents are legally sound. This is the only way to ensure your assets are used in the way you want them to be.

Should you have a Will, but it hasn’t been updated in some time, it would be wise to review it with your solicitor, especially if you have gone through any of life’s big changes, like starting a family or starting your own business. If you expect your Estate to be worth more than the current Inheritance Tax threshold this is especially important.

A qualified and experienced lawyer is essential if your Estate is worth more than the threshold, or you have complex requirements. Unfortunately, if your Will is found to be legally unsound, this could create serious problems for your intended beneficiaries and lead to legal challenges.  If you die without making a Will (intestate) then the law will decide how your money, property and possessions are disposed of and who gets what, and also what happens to any dependent children.

Our professional advisers provide a sympathetic and efficient service, treating each case on an individual basis to ensure the solutions we offer are best for you personally.

Why choose Napthens?

  • Cases handled with sensitivity and professionalism
  • Highly experienced, specialists in Estate Planning and in inheritance disputes
  • Clear advice tailored to your wishes and personal situation
  • Specialists in complex personal and financial situations