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Price Transparency Rules – what are they and how will they help your clients?

Napthens - February 7th 2019
Most clients are price sensitive when it comes to selling or buying properties, but find comparing quotes received from law firms to be a complicated and difficult process.
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What is a local search and what will it reveal?

Napthens - November 28th 2018
The local search is usually obtained alongside other searches, such as a water and drainage search and environmental search as part of a search pack. The information for a local search is held by the local council. Nicole Chrisham looks at what local searches contain and what impact they can have on transactions.
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How Napthens can help you and your clients

Napthens - September 12th 2018
As we all know, the selling and purchasing of properties, can be stressful for the clients, and also for you as agents. You may already be familiar with the type and level of service we provide our clients with, and the fact that we consider that communication is key.
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Purchasers receiving gifted deposits towards a residential property purchase

Napthens - June 20th 2018
Sometimes, the only way a number of people can buy a home is with the assistance of financial contributions from relatives or friends.  Gifted deposits sometimes referred to as the “bank of mum and dad” have become the only route for many new homeowners. Carly Smith discusses how these transactions need to be handled.
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Searches: what happens when results received?

Napthens - May 23rd 2018
When buying a property, various searches are obtained, especially when the buyer is purchasing with the assistance of mortgage finance. Turnaround time for obtaining searches can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks - but when the searches are received it doesn’t mean the job is finished.
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Is building regulation approval required?

Napthens - April 30th 2018
From time to time, the absence of building regulations approval can be a stumbling block to progress on a sale. In this article we provide you with an overview of the facts and options surrounding building regulations that we discuss with our clients.
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New Year – new start

Napthens - January 25th 2018
January is usually the month where people find themselves assessing their current living arrangements and relationships, and as a result, perhaps looking to make changes to their lives. January is also the month for fresh starts and breaking old habits. This can have a positive or a negative effect on the individuals involved as sometimes this involves people breaking up, whether they decide to divorce, separate or go their separate ways as a co-habiting couple.
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Budget reaction

Napthens - November 22nd 2017
The abolition of Stamp Duty for first time buyers purchasing properties up to £300,000 is to be welcomed. According to the UK House Price Index for May 2017, the average property value in the UK was £220,713, so this will definitely generate some movement from the bottom up. The change will assist some downsizers as well.
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Leasehold property – is there a problem?

Napthens - October 24th 2017
There has been a lot of press coverage recently, mostly negative, in relation to owning leasehold properties.  As a result, some prospective purchasers feel nervous about the thought of buying a leasehold property, or are put off altogether. Reforms to leaseholds have been proposed, and it is hoped that these proposals will move forwards, particularly the issues current leaseholder face.
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Probate sales – what you need to know

Napthens - August 30th 2017
In order to sell a property where either one or both of the joint property owners has died, it is vital to be aware of the documents and process required. Knowledge of the situation and preparation is key to ensuring a smooth sale. An understanding of the process will also assist in the management of expectations.
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Buyer beware! Lease provisions to be aware of

Napthens - July 25th 2017
If prospective buyers are looking to purchase a leasehold property, whether a flat or a house, it is essential that they review the lease terms as early as possible. The lease may contain certain restrictions and regulations which could potentially affect whether the buyer actually wants to proceed. It is no good for the buyer or the seller to get close to an exchange of contracts, spending time and money on the conveyancing process and then suddenly discover that the lease prevents the buyer from dealing with the property as they would like.
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How many years are left on the lease? Is this relevant?

Napthens - May 25th 2017
When selling a leasehold property, one of the first questions you will ask your seller client is, what is the length of the lease term? You will usually provide details of the lease term within the sales particulars, and the length will have a direct impact on the market value of the property
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What is Japanese Knotweed?

Napthens - April 27th 2017
Japanese Knotweed arrived in Britain in 1850 as an ornamental plant, labelled “Plant number 34” in a box of 40 Chinese and Japanese varieties that were delivered to Kew Gardens. It is a strong-growing perennial.
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Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas- guidance to assist your buyers

Napthens - March 30th 2017
Conservation areas and listed building controls exist to protect properties and places of special architectural or historic interest. For that reason property prices in conservation areas can be can be higher and demand for such properties increased. But, what do you need to know when marketing a property that is either listed, or, located in a conservation area?
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Selling or Buying a Property with a Septic Tank?

Napthens - February 28th 2017
Although septic tanks are less common these days, if you have a client who is buying or selling a property with a septic tank, small sewage treatment plant or a cess pool, there are certain things they should be aware of and the earlier this is addressed the better.
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Dealing with the sale of a property with solar panels

Napthens - January 20th 2017
When selling a property with solar panels installed there is a large amount of information required to be obtained which any prospective buyer will need to be aware of:
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