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How Napthens can help you and your clients

Napthens - September 12th 2018

As we all know, the selling and purchasing of properties, can be stressful for the clients, and also for you as agents.

You may already be familiar with the type and level of service we provide our clients with, and the fact that we consider that communication is key.

If communication breaks down between the various parties in the chain, we know that this can create long delays and even prevent transactions from proceeding at all. It is just as important to us, that the service to the clients and the communication with you is excellent.

We seek client feedback on every conveyancing matter. We use this feedback to help improve our service and ensure this is consistently excellent.

  • We want to share our recent feedback with you, to give you a clear indication of what our clients currently think about our service.
    Please see our current statistics below. Hopefully you will be impressed!
    residential conveyancing feedback inforgraphic
    No one is perfect and there is always some room for human error however, we stick to providing a consistent service by ensuring that we always do the following:
  • We provide our clients with a fixed fee quote. The clients are then very clear about what the charges will be in any given situation. Our clients are able to discuss the figures in more detail with either our New Business Team at quote stage, or with the lawyer dealing with their matter.
  • We are extremely open as we understand that many clients are working within a budget.
  • Our conveyancing lawyers specialise solely in conveyancing matters. They are not involved in dealing with other areas of law. Therefore, they are not distracted by appointments at Court or other matters. They are knowledgeable and can provide effective solutions.
  • As well as having a dedicated lawyer on board, there is also an experienced legal assistant working on the client’s matter. This really helps you and the clients, as it means that communication is always open and our people are available and helps push matters forwards.
  • You and our clients have access to an online case tracker, which provides updates 24 hours a day. The system is directly linked to our client’s files and is automatically updated throughout the transaction.

We thought it would be useful to update you on the feedback and provide reminders of the service levels.

We also need your feedback too, and therefore if you have any further questions, queries or suggestions on any improvements we can make, to help you, please do contact

Sarah Barnes
01772 904353

As a firm, we believe that #togetherisbetter, and we look forward to continuing to work with you and help each other wherever we can.