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When should you encourage your buyers and sellers to instruct a lawyer?

Napthens - October 19th 2015

The short answer is - EARLY!

Advise your buyers and sellers to instruct a lawyer well before acceptance of an offer.
Traditionally, sellers and buyers have tended to wait until they have secured a buyer or found a property to sell before instructing. In the past this would have been due to the fact that they did not want to incur any costs before knowing the transaction was up and running.

At Napthens, we will take instructions, set the file up and send the clients an initial Welcome Pack free of charge. This preparation will save time later on when their sale and purchase has been agreed.

What else do your buyers and sellers need to know about us?

We are specialists
It is important for the lawyer instructed to specialise in Conveyancing.  At Napthens we have a department dedicated to conveyancing and take this seriously.  Our team are experienced and are specialised.

Direct contact details
When instructing Napthens, one lawyer will deal with the transaction from start to finish – this is hugely reassuring for our clients.  The lawyer’s direct dial number and email address will be provided at the outset together with full contact details for their legal assistant.  There will always be help at hand.

Online case tracking
Clients can log on to their own secure online case tracking programme, which provides updates at a glance.

Fixed fees
At Napthens, we operate on a fixed fee basis, which allows clients to budget accurately.  In the past, lawyers have charged for conveyancing work on an hourly basis.  With fixed fees, even if clients run into complications, they are protected and know throughout the transaction that the fees will not change.

On all major lender panels
This is important if clients are buying with a mortgage because there's a certain amount of legal work that needs to be done on the lender's behalf.
If the conveyancing firm chosen by the client is not on the lender's approved panel, the lender will instruct one that is - this will be an extra cost that clients have no control over. Having two lawyers working on the client’s behalf may slow transactions down.