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Cheers! A welcome break for the UK’s licensing industry

Gill Sherratt is head of licensing at Napthens and has worked as a licensing consultant for a wide range of clients since the inception of the Licensing Act 2003.

She has welcomed the news that pubs restaurants and bars across England and Wales will be able to continue selling takeaway pints after an extension to Covid licensing rule

Gill said: “It’s great to see the Government’s extension of the ‘takeaway pint’ licensing laws, but it feels like this is more about kicking the can down the road.

“The licensed trade industry has welcomed the move and it certainly showed those in charge of legislation, recognise the issues facing pubs up and down the land.

“The move will certainly provides a certain amount of relief to pub owners who depend on off-sales to keep in business.

“However, the industry needs much more help in the coming months and years ahead.

“Faced with significant increases in energy prices and the potential impact of new system which taxes alcohol based on strength, the takeaway pint move feels more like a starter than a main course to help Britain’s pubs.

“Those new rules force pubs to pay a higher rate of duty on containers of draught beers and ciders, if they want to sell them for takeaway.

“Which means the government is taking away with one hand, while seemingly giving with the other.

“We’ll continue to support all licensed premises, guiding them through the continued choppy waters they all face.”