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AfterHours joins the Napthens Group of services

The latest addition to Napthens Group has now been officially launched.

AfterHours is the new service offering to support the hospitality and leisure industry, helping the firm consistently push the boundaries to find new and better ways to support clients and businesses.

The service means the Napthens Group is one of just a few law firms in the country to have a specialised licensing department that has been working with the Licensing Act 2003 from the very start.

It is being headed by industry expert and head of licensing at Napthens, Gill Sherratt, who has worked as a licensing adviser to a wide variety of premises and businesses across the UK since the inception of the Licensing Act 2003.

Gill will be supported by experienced licensing executive Suzanne Marchese, who has worked on the Licensing Act 1964 and 2003, along with legal support from partner Jamie Allison, amongst others.

Jamie said: “Together is better and this is no more evident than in our continued support to the hospitality and leisure sector through AfterHours, which will provide a flexible package of licensing services including insurance and training.

“AfterHours comes at a time when the need for licensing expertise and advice is greater than ever. It will help business owners secure or amend a licence, advise on licence conditions, and, where necessary, appeal decisions and fight enforcement action on their behalf.

“I’m delighted to have finally launched the service and know that with Gill and Suzanne, we have two of the best licensing experts supporting the ever-growing list of clients.”

Gill added: “We want to continually support all types of premises, from pubs to restaurants, golf clubs to hotels and off licences to bars, to play a significant part in helping a key industry in the UK thrive.

“Having worked with the licensed trade for over 25 years, I have a deep understanding of the problems and issues businesses face day-to-day, which is why I know AfterHours will be a huge benefit to businesses across the UK.”


Further announcements on the progress of this addition to the Napthens Group will be provided as the exciting developments with the group continue.