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Wills & Estate Planning

Attention trustees – do you need to register your trust?

Napthens - February 9th 2022
Associate Solicitor, Victoria Cross, looks at recent changes to the requirements for trust registration.
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family hands

Avoiding disputes after the death of an unmarried parent

Napthens - November 1st 2021
When considering whether to make a will, some people believe it would be an unnecessary expense on the basis that “everything goes to my children anyway.”
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Protecting your assets

Napthens - July 1st 2021
Head of Family, Helen Lucking discusses the subject of protecting your assets on marriage, with Head of Private Client, Kathryn Harwood in our latest Brief Conversation.
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How do I make sure my Cryptocurrency can be passed on when I die?

Napthens - June 10th 2021
I have met with clients who hold crypto assets but with no contingency plans on death. To avoid it being lost, you need to plan ahead!
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When is a gift not a gift?

Nicola Turner - May 25th 2021
It is common for individuals as they get older to look to family members to take over management of their finances, whether formally or informally, by allowing access to bank accounts and assets. They may also want to make gifts to their family and friends during their lifetime.
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Wedding bells and will making

Kathryn Harwood - May 21st 2021
As lock down restrictions begin to ease, engaged couples up and down the country are looking forward to their weddings, many of which have had to be postponed due to the pandemic.
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Remember digital assets are assets too – include them in your will

Shahida Jogi - February 26th 2021
76% of people have not included digital assets in their will. When taking instructions for wills, I am usually met with silence when I enquire whether the clients have considered their digital assets. 
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Why do I need a will?

Napthens - February 26th 2021
In our latest Brief Conversation, Wills and Estate Planning solicitors, Shahida Jogi and Farida Isaji discuss the importance of not only writing a will, but also making sure it contains the information you want people to be aware of in the event of your death.
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HMRC Envelope Close Up

Inheritance Tax Allowances frozen -what does it mean for you?

Napthens - January 30th 2021
In his Budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak confirmed that current inheritance tax allowances shall be frozen until April 2026.
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Power of attorney refund deadline approaches

Victoria Cross - January 20th 2021
Last year the Office of the Public Guardian reduced the fee for the registration of an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney.
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Napthens strengthens Liverpool offering with senior appointment

Napthens - January 14th 2021
Leading North West law firm Napthens has appointed Senior Associate Solicitor Shahida Jogi to the firm’s wills and estate planning team in the Liverpool office.
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Shahida Jogi

Wayne Blinkhorn - January 8th 2021
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Has Covid changed your ‘to-do’ list?

Georgina Smith - November 4th 2020
Covid - that five letter word that has impacted everyone one of us, wherever we are and whatever we do. In my world of estate planning and later life planning, Covid has forced people to rearrange their to-do lists and make time for a discussion.
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Wills during lockdown: the issues

Napthens - September 3rd 2020
In this Brief Conversation, Kathryn Harwood (Wills and Estate Planning Partner) and Nicola Turner (Senior Associate, Litigation) discuss the issues that may arise as a result of wills completed during lockdown - and the importance of a correctly drawn up and witnessed will for avoiding issues on death.
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