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Wills & Estate Planning

last will and testament

Where there is a Will

Esme Pearse - July 11th 2023
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Rebecca Scaturro

Esme Pearse - August 8th 2022
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Does a farmer ever retire?

Napthens - June 23rd 2022
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Attention trustees – do you need to register your trust?

Napthens - February 9th 2022
Associate Solicitor, Victoria Cross, looks at recent changes to the requirements for trust registration.
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Avoiding disputes after the death of an unmarried parent

Napthens - November 1st 2021
When considering whether to make a will, some people believe it would be an unnecessary expense on the basis that “everything goes to my children anyway.”
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How do I make sure my Cryptocurrency can be passed on when I die?

Napthens - June 10th 2021
I have met with clients who hold crypto assets but with no contingency plans on death. To avoid it being lost, you need to plan ahead!
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When is a gift not a gift?

Napthens - May 25th 2021
It is common for individuals as they get older to look to family members to take over management of their finances, whether formally or informally, by allowing access to bank accounts and assets. They may also want to make gifts to their family and friends during their lifetime.
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Shahida Jogi

Esme Pearse - January 8th 2021
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Five promoted at Napthens

Napthens - April 9th 2020
Regional law firm Napthens has made five new promotions across its teams.
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Farida Isaji

Esme Pearse - June 20th 2018
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Make a Will ‘watertight’ with top tips

Napthens - November 2nd 2017
Preparing a Will should be done properly to avoid the need for correcting costly mistakes later, a solicitor is warning. Karen Yates, solicitor in the Wills & Estate Planning team at regional law firm Napthens, warns that Wills are complex and crucial documents, and having one written without the correct advice could end up being a costly mistake.
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Ilott v Mitson – A triumph for testators?

Napthens - April 25th 2017
On 15th March 2017, the Supreme Court handed down its eagerly anticipated judgment in the now infamous case of Ilott v Mitson.
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