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Wills during lockdown: the issues

Napthens - September 3rd 2020
In this Brief Conversation, Kathryn Harwood (Wills and Estate Planning Partner) and Nicola Turner (Senior Associate, Litigation) discuss the issues that may arise as a result of wills completed during lockdown - and the importance of a correctly drawn up and witnessed will for avoiding issues on death.
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Lockdown wills – valid, or not?

Napthens - July 23rd 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has understandably led to an increased awareness of the need to put a Will in place, to ensure last wishes can be given effect. However, the resultant lockdown has made it somewhat more difficult to ensure that Wills are properly witnessed. Senior Associate Solicitor, Nicola Turner looks at what this could mean for a rise in contested wills.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

What are the reasons for contesting a will?

Stephanie Kerr - April 17th 2019
There are many reasons why a will that may have been perfectly reasonable at the time it was written, might not include beneficiaries who might have expected to be included. Associate solicitor Steph Kerr looks at the reasons why the court might look at providing for additional beneficiaries after someone dies.
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Nicola Turner - Litigation solicitor at Napthens Solicitors

‘Seek advice’ warning where a will should be challenged

Napthens - February 15th 2019
Contentious probate expert, Nicola Turner has urged people to seek legal advice if they feel they aren’t adequately provided for after the death of a loved one.
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Nicola Turner - Litigation solicitor at Napthens Solicitors

Inheritance and farming businesses: promises, promises

Nicola Turner - June 29th 2018
There have been several recent High Court cases which have been concerned with deciding whether legally binding promises or assurances have been made by farming parents to their children. In both cases, the provisions in the Last Will and Testament of the Deceased parent were overridden by the verbal promises made by them during their lifetime.
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Personal Injury - partner - Terry Griffin

Warning to ‘check for Tree Preservation Order’ before landscaping

Napthens - June 5th 2018
A solicitor is warning landowners to thoroughly check for tree preservation orders (TPO) before carrying out landscaping work, or face large fines.
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Napthen Solicitors Employee Nicola Turner

Claims on the rise for those left out of Wills

Napthens - April 16th 2018
People left out of a Will may still be able to claim part of an estate, an expert has highlighted following a major court case.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

‘The reading of a Will’

Stephanie Kerr - March 28th 2018
In TV soaps and Hollywood movies, we often see dramatic scenes as families gather together for the reading of a Will. But this isn't what happens in reality.
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litigation solicitor kendal

Construction and engineering litigation specialist joins Napthens in Kendal

Napthens - March 27th 2018
A specialist in construction and engineering litigation has joined the Kendal office of regional law firm Napthens.
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Stephanie Kerr, Litigation Solicitor

‘Plan for future’ warning for rural businesses

Napthens - March 7th 2018
A legal specialist in inheritance disputes is warning farming and agricultural business owners to properly plan for the future following a high-profile court case which saw a woman awarded more than £1 million in damages.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

‘Explore options’ in inheritance disputes following high profile case

Napthens - January 29th 2018
An expert in Wills disputes has urged parties to be prepared to explore all options, following a high-profile case which saw a son ‘cut out’ of his father’s Will.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

Electronic Wills

Stephanie Kerr - October 31st 2017
The Law Commission regularly reviews the way in which the legal system works and is currently undertaking a review to decide if the law relating to Wills from 1837 ought to be modernised to take into account advances in technology and how we communicate, including whether text messages, emails and audio/video recordings could override an existing written Will.
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Napthens’ teams praised in latest Legal 500

Napthens - October 12th 2017
Regional law firm Napthens has been praised by the legal industry ‘bible’ – the Legal 500.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

Mediation in inheritance disputes

Stephanie Kerr - September 5th 2017
The costs of litigation, both financial and emotional, can be significant and this is particularly the case in disputes relating to Wills and inheritance. The approach of the court is to encourage the parties to try to resolve a dispute without going to trial, using alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation.
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Victoria Taylor

Napthens - May 17th 2017
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‘Right of way warning’ for rural landowners

Napthens - April 20th 2017
A Rural law expert is warning landowners to be aware of the rules on sharing joint rights of way following a landmark legal ruling.
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