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Family & Divorce

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Preparation vital if thinking about divorce

Napthens - January 31st 2022
Was it your New Year's resolution to start the divorce process? Whatever your situation, you will no doubt want to try to resolve things as amicably and cost effectively as possible.
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Emanuela Ackon

Wayne Blinkhorn - November 30th 2021
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Avoiding disputes after the death of an unmarried parent

Napthens - November 1st 2021
When considering whether to make a will, some people believe it would be an unnecessary expense on the basis that “everything goes to my children anyway.”
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Alexandra Stanton

Wayne Blinkhorn - October 22nd 2021
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divorce and finances

Finances can add complexity to divorce

Napthens - September 28th 2021
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Challenges with divorce in farming families

Napthens - July 18th 2021
Any divorce involves having to come to an agreement on the division of assets, but when a marriage is closely tied into a farming business, this can throw up additional challenges.
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Protecting your assets

Napthens - July 1st 2021
Head of Family, Helen Lucking discusses the subject of protecting your assets on marriage, with Head of Private Client, Kathryn Harwood in our latest Brief Conversation.
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Image of a same sex couple with their baby (photo by karolina-grabowska on Pexels

Making a baby- the legal implications for same sex couples

Napthens - June 29th 2021
The process of planning for a family can be stressful and complex for many, however, for same sex couples the journey to parenthood is that little bit trickier.
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Pension Advisory Group and the revolution of pension sharing in divorce

Helen Lucking - April 20th 2021
During financial proceedings in a divorce, both parties are required to put their assets ‘on the table’ – and provide evidence in support of their properties, savings and pensions. The evidence required for a pension, is the most recent cash equivalent value or ‘CEV’. This is how a pension is quantified.
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cryptocurrency Photo by Worldspectrum from Pexels

A bit-ter coin? Cryptocurrency in financial divorce settlements

Helen Lucking - February 9th 2021
Cryptocurrency has a reputation for keeping assets in the dark from partners, but we hope to shed some light on cryptocurrency in this blog.
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DIY Divorce

Napthens - January 28th 2021
Napthens' Head of Family, Helen Lucking discusses Do-it-yourself divorces with Senior Associate, Sally Abrams. Is a DIY divorce a good way forward
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Married at first sight

Married at First Sight – really?

Napthens - January 16th 2021
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‘Tis the season…to go to court?

Helen Lucking - December 21st 2020
Head of Family, Helen Lucking advises discussing and agreeing Christmas arrangement as early as possible in the case of divorces...
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Cohabitation agreements: prevent a headache

Helen Lucking - November 26th 2020
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Helen Lucking - Partner, Family at Napthens Solicitors

The Covid effect takes its toll on marriages

Napthens - October 20th 2020
Families across the North West are feeling the effect of Covid-19 on their home environment, as North West law firm Napthens reports a large rise in divorce instructions.
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Katie Egan

Wayne Blinkhorn - September 14th 2020
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