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Government publishes guidance for employers on returner programmes.

Due to the current high levels of economic inactivity and in an attempt to boost the economy, the government is exploring how to get people back into work.  As part of this month’s Budget, the Chancellor introduced ‘Returnerships’ which is a programme which will promote accelerated apprenticeships, Sector-Based Work Academy Programme placements and Skills Bootcamps to the over-50s.  Following the announcement of this programme, the Government has published employer guidance on helping individuals return to work. The guidance applies to organisations of all sizes in all sectors and focuses on returner programmes involving paid work that give a supported route back to permanent employment. These programmes can be for individuals or groups of returners who are returning from time out of work for any reason.

Among other things, the guidance covers:

  • Who a returner is and what a returner programme is.
  • The benefits to an employer of supporting returners to the workplace.
  • How to improve the likelihood of the programme succeeding.
  • Why it is important to provide support to returners.
  • How to design, deliver and evaluate a return-to-work programme.
  • How to recruit, onboard and engage returners.

This guidance may be helpful for employers who are struggling to recruit and need to address skills shortages within their organisation.

For further advice and support around recruiting, onboarding and engaging employees, please contact a member of the Employment and HR Team.

Disclaimer: this post has been produced for Napthens’ website blog and does not constitute legal advice.

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