Understanding the registration process

View our guide below which sets out the process of trade mark registration.

Our fixed cost trade mark registration system is simple to use but unlike most online services, provides the benefit of a one-to-one discussion and advice from a specialist IP lawyer.

What categories can I register my trade mark under?

By registering the mark, you protect it against certain classes of goods or services in which you intend to use the mark. The trade mark classification system is divided between goods, in classes 1‑34, and services, in classes 35‑45. The different classes of goods and services are set out below.

Whilst many marks are registered against all the goods or services in a class, it is possible to limit the registration to more specific goods or services. This is usually done where there is the possibility of opposition to registration and the applicant and oppose agree on limitations to be imposed.

The more classes you file for, the more expensive the application, but if you omit important classes then you will lose some of the protection afforded by registration of your mark(s). It is not possible to add further classes to an application once submitted, to cover your mark(s) against further classes then you would need to submit a fresh application.

What happens if there is an objection?

When the IPO examines your application they can raise grounds of objection. As the examiners base their report on their own personal experience and understanding, there is always the scope for objections to be raised.

If a third party has a trade mark (whether registered or otherwise) they may object to your application on the grounds that your marks are similar.It is possible to seek to negotiate an agreed position with the objecting party, put your case to the IPO as to why the objection should not be upheld, or simply withdraw your application altogether. As the cost of this is not included in our fixed fee quote, we would discuss your options before incurring any additional fees.