Fixed Fee Trademark Costs

Drafting Application

The cost for drafting your application and submitting it to the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on your behalf is:

£875 (+ VAT) for up to 5 classes of goods or services.

Examination by the IPO

Once submitted, the IPO will examine and publish an application. The IPO charges:

£200 for one class of goods or services and for each additional class they will charge a further £50.

Other costs

If your application is the subject of any objections or opposition proceedings, we will advise you on the options available to you in order to proceed – and any likely costs involved – should you wish to do so.

Additional services

As part of the standard process, Napthens will undertake a ‘key word’ search of UK and EU registered trade marks. This search only covers identical word marks (but would not include for example, those that might be spelt differently, but sound the same).

If you are particularly concerned about this, we would be happy to undertake a search of trade marks with different spellings, together with a logo search. We would provide a quote for this additional service separately.