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The Royal Wedding - extension of hours

Napthens - February 2nd 2011

The Government has launched a consultation proposing that pubs should have an automatic right to trade until 1 am after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29th April this year and potentially the 30th as well.

Under s. 172 of the Licensing Act, the Secretary of State can make an order relaxing licensing hours on special occasions of “exceptional international, national or local significance”.

The consultation has been met with a mixed reaction with some arguing that it will be a welcome boost to the trade, particularly given that the extended hours will coincide with a long weekend (the 29th April has been designated a bank holiday), and others arguing that it will have little effect given that the majority of operators who would wish to open later are already licensed to do so.

There has also been some debate about what categories of regulated entertainment the Government are proposing to include in the relaxation of hours.

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