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Misuse of Social Media in the workplace

Napthens - September 1st 2011

With the likes of iPhones and other smart phones, social networking and social blogging is easily accessible. There are many positive aspects of the evolving use of internet communication, not least that individuals both in business and in their social life are able to respond to each other quicker.

On the flip side when social networking and blogging is misused by employees it can cause damage to a business, not least to their reputation. ACAS have asserted that the misuse of internet communication costs Britain’s economy billions of pounds each year; and leaves employers trying to get to grips with internet bullying; defamation and the conflicting human right to a private life!

ACAS has produced a guide on exactly these issues; making reference to the Institute for Employment Studies, who are commissioned by ACAS, advising employers to:

  • draw up a policy on social networking
  • treat 'electronic behaviour' in the same way you would treat 'non-electronic behaviour'
  • react reasonably to issues around social networking by asking 'what is the likely impact on the organisation?'