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Five Alt Crossens drainage pumps will continue

Napthens - March 2nd 2021

Guest article from the NFU

Five land drainage pumping stations in the Alt Crossens catchment will continue to operate.

The Environment Agency will be writing to landowners in the area to confirm they will continue to operate pumping stations that manage water levels in the area while an alternative arrangement is developed.

The current notices on Banks Marsh, Boundary Brook, Clay Brow, Kew and Rufford pumping stations have been extended until the end of March 2023.

The Environment Agency wants to strengthen local decision making around flood risk management by ensuring the right bodies are managing the right watercourses.

During this period, work will continue on finding an alternative way of managing water levels that is environmentally and economically sustainable.

Ruth Forrester, senior adviser at the Environment Agency said: “We continue to discuss the impact of our decision with the communities and organisations affected in the area and look forward to developing those conversations as all options become available for consideration.

“A suitable alternative arrangement for Alt Crossens will take some time to establish and will need input from a wide range of organisations and individuals to ensure the needs of the community, economy and environment are met.”

NFU North West Regional Director David Hall added: “This time should now be used to find an effective solution for water management in the area.

“The NFU has lobbied government Minsters, MPs and the Environment Agency to ensure the Environment Bill contains the legislative change required to allow all options for water management to be considered and that there is sufficient funding to carry out effective maintenance in the area.

“We look forward to working together to ensure this highly productive patch of Lancashire can successfully continue providing food for the nation.”