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The GDPR: So Many Myths…So Little Time

Napthens - February 22nd 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation, the biggest change to Data Privacy law in a generation, will come into force on the 25th May. Not even Brexit will stop it.
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Empower your staff – protect your business

Napthens - December 11th 2017
Do your sales team and other customer and supplier-facing staff understand the importance of ensuring that you trade on your terms and conditions? Do they know how to avoid accepting (albeit inadvertently) a customer or supplier’s terms and conditions? Could they explain to a customer or supplier what a specific provision in your terms and conditions does and means?
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Does the GDPR apply to all personal data?

Napthens - September 14th 2017
Our specialist technology lawyer, Phil Browns answers the question 'does the GDPR still apply to personal data'? The short answer is no, the longer answer (which by no means is the longest), is still no, and this is why...
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Do you know what is in your articles?

Napthens - July 17th 2017
A company’s articles of association are the rules and regulations that govern the day to day management of a company and the conduct of its business.
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Small firms in data security warning

Napthens - May 18th 2017
Phil Brown, a specialist technology lawyer at regional law firm Napthens, is urging small businesses to regularly review their cyber security. Phil warns that many consider such security only an issue for large businesses, but recently a smaller online retailer was hit with a £55,000 fine by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) following a security breach.
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Changes to terms and conditions for Cloud storage users

Napthens - March 28th 2017
Cloud storage services allow customers to store, manage, organise and retrieve their data online. A variety of devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets allow consumers to upload and download data from personal cloud storage accounts. Many such devices rely on access to cloud storage, which reduces the need for internal memory on the device itself whilst also providing more advances features such as shared access and editing.
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