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Is fingerprint technology against GDPR?

Napthens - July 5th 2019
Clients often want advice on how to navigate GDPR. One question that comes up is the use of fingerprint recognition technology in door entry systems - does GDPR permit this and does it impose any requirements on businesses?
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Entrepreneurs’ Relief Update – A welcome relief

Napthens - February 19th 2019
Back in December we highlighted some important changes which apply to the availability of Entrepreneurs’ relief (ER). ER is a tax relief which in general terms reduces the rate of capital gains tax on the disposal of shares in a private company from 20% to 10%.
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Budget sees important change to entrepreneurs’ relief

Napthens - December 5th 2018
November’s budget introduced an important change to entrepreneurs’ relief.
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Commercial agreements – do you need a “Brexit Clause”?

Napthens - October 3rd 2018
One of the words most commonly associated with the impact of Brexit on the economy, business, immigration and life in general is ‘uncertainty’; nobody really knows yet what the precise impact of the UK’s exit from the European Union across multiple sectors will be.
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The GDPR: so many myths…so little time

Napthens - February 22nd 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation, the biggest change to Data Privacy law in a generation, will come into force on the 25th May. Not even Brexit will stop it.
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Empower your staff – protect your business

Napthens - December 11th 2017
Do your sales team and other customer and supplier-facing staff understand the importance of ensuring that you trade on your terms and conditions? Do they know how to avoid accepting (albeit inadvertently) a customer or supplier’s terms and conditions? Could they explain to a customer or supplier what a specific provision in your terms and conditions does and means?
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