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Fixed Cost Probate

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Avoiding disputes after the death of an unmarried parent

Napthens - November 1st 2021
When considering whether to make a will, some people believe it would be an unnecessary expense on the basis that “everything goes to my children anyway.”
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What help is available if you’re administering an estate remotely?

Charlotte Cooper - August 27th 2020
While lockdown has slowed down many areas of life, administering an estate cannot be put on hold. But how is the industry responding to the needs of those who are having to administer estates remotely?
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Brief Conversations: Why don’t we talk about death?

Napthens - October 29th 2019
It happens to us all and there’s no escaping it. As a nation though we’re unlike many cultures where death is embraced and celebrated. There’s also been attempts by a range of organisations to bring death out in the open and to talk about it. The Co-op famously launched its top ten songs played at funerals and explained why people have chosen them. By bringing humour to the subject, they thought it could break the taboo and get us to think about our final resting place. So why don’t we talk about the one thing we all have in common?
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Preston estate planning lawyer Kathryn Harwood

Inheritance tax changes on the horizon

Napthens - October 1st 2018
A regional expert has warned that it is likely we will see changes to inheritance tax legislation, in a move that could affect thousands of people in the region.
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Napthen Solicitors Employee Nicola Turner

Claims on the rise for those left out of Wills

Napthens - April 16th 2018
People left out of a Will may still be able to claim part of an estate, an expert has highlighted following a major court case.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

Welcome for decision clarifying inheritance claims by adult children

Napthens - March 15th 2017
A long-awaited decision by the Supreme Court has held that it will be more difficult for adult children to make a claim against their parents’ estates for ‘reasonable financial provision.’
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Preston estate planning lawyer Kathryn Harwood

Farmers warned over changes to ‘probate fee’

Napthens - March 3rd 2017
Farmers will soon face fees of £20,000 to make sure their loved one’s wishes are carried out after they die, a solicitor has warned.
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What is Probate?

Napthens - December 2nd 2016
Charlotte Cooper, Wills & Estate Planning Solicitor, explains probate and the benefits of making a Will to avoid unnecessary complications in the event of your death.
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Warning as numbers dying without a Will increase

Napthens - June 2nd 2016
More priority should be placed on making a Will as it was revealed there has been an increase in the number of people dying without one.
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Wills and Estate Planning - solicitor - Victoria Cross

Victoria takes the next step

Napthens - January 5th 2016
A solicitor at a Lancashire law firm has completed an industry leading qualification which will enhance the level of expertise and support on offer to clients.
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Wills & Estate Planning Solicitor Blackburn - Victoria Cross

New Inheritance Tax relief for the family home

Victoria Cross - August 7th 2015
In the Summer Budget last month, the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced the introduction of an additional Inheritance Tax Relief for the family home
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

Contestation warning on DIY wills

Stephanie Kerr - May 21st 2015
Figures recently released by the High Court show that in 2013 there was a 76% increase in inheritance disputes from those heard by the Court in the previous year.
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Wills & Estate Planning Solicitor Blackburn - Victoria Cross

The end of the road for Will changes after death?

Victoria Cross - April 21st 2015
As part of a drive to claw back £3.1billion lost through tax avoidance, the chancellor George Osborne recently announced a review of Deeds of Variation.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

Is a Will valid?

Stephanie Kerr - March 4th 2015
It is always a difficult time when a loved one passes away but the upset of dealing with their affairs can be far worse when there are concerns about the validity of a Will.
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Surge in LPA interest reported by law firm

Napthens - February 17th 2015
A Lancashire law firm is reporting a surge in enquiries regarding Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs).
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