Reviews & Prosecutions

It is a fact that in a fast-paced sector where operators are so busy and inundated with regulations, things sometimes go wrong.  When that attracts the attention of the authorities, be it through noise nuisance, failed test purchases or a spate of incidents at a premises, it can often result in enforcement.

Enforcement action could take the form of an application to review the premises licence, which if not carefully managed can result in the licence being suspended, restrictive conditions being added, licensable activities being restricted or removed from the licence, or event the licence being revoked.

Alternatively, enforcement may come in the form of a prosecution where penalties can be an unlimited fine and / or up to six months imprisonment for each offence.

In either situation, we can help.  We have experienced specialists who have relationships with authorities that can assist in agreements being reached, but who can be robust when the circumstances require it.