Premises Licences & Club Premises Certificates

If you or your business carry on, or want to carry on, a licensable activity on anything other than a temporary basis, then you will probably need either a Premises Licence or a Club Premises Certificate.  Licensable activities include the sale of alcohol by retail, late night refreshment (the provision of hot food or drink after 23:00 and before 05:00) and regulated entertainment (such as live music or recorded music in some circumstances).

Most commonly, a Premises Licence will be the appropriate permission, and these are commonly in place for pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels and takeaways.  A Club Premises Certificate may be a more appropriate permission for some clubs (typically member’s clubs such as tennis clubs, golf clubs and rugby clubs) although they can be less flexible in allowing premises to cater for non-members.

At Napthens, we issue hundreds of applications every year relating to Premises Licences or Club Premises Certificates, whether it is a new site that needs to apply for a premises licence for the first time; the transfer of an existing licence into a new name; or a site that is already licensed but wishes to make changes such as extending the permitted hours, changing the plans which accompany the licence, or amending restrictive conditions to increase flexibility.