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Why are searches so important?

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Why are searches so important?

“Searches are very important for the buyer of a property because they are a way of making sure the buyer is getting a good bargain in relation to the property that he or she is purchasing.  We do find that often sellers don’t have full details or accurate information in relation to the property they are selling so the buyer needs to ensure that they obtain as much information from as many sources as possible.

We undertake four searches as a matter of course in our search pack.  The Local Search is probably one of the most important searches, it reveals an awful lot of information about the property.  You find it reveals information such as planning applications and consents, building regulation information, Tree Preservation Orders, whether or not the local highway is adopted so it is quite essential information.  We also do look at providing the environmental search, flood searches and water and drainage searches as well to supplement that information.”