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DEBATE: Future workplace – challenges and opportunities

We continue our debate about the workplace of the future.  Before the pandemic, being physically present in the workplace was critical to success.  But we’ve all been surprised at how quickly businesses have adapted and collaborated via technology and recent reports show that most of those working from home want to continue to do so in some capacity.

Last month we debated the impact on leadership, culture and the workforce, now we turn our attention to the physical impact on organisations, and the knock-on effect on our region.  We’ll be asking our panel of experts:

  • What will the office environment of the future look like?
  • How will changing work patterns impact on our local towns and cities?
  • Where are the rising opportunities and who is ready to take advantage of these?
  • What will funders and investors be looking for in future office development schemes?

In this virtual debate hosted by our Head of Real Estate Jamie Allison, we will be hearing from a panel of funders, developers, agents and entrepreneurs to understand the changes that are coming and what the future looks like for you, your business and our local economies.

Our panellists included:

Office block Photo by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS from Pexels