Landlords warned to adopt firm stance against drinking games

Napthens - March 26th 2014

Many of you will be aware of the 'Neknominate' drinking game, which has been rife on social media over recent months.

It is understood that the original parameters of the game require a participant to film themselves rapidly drinking a pint of alcohol and then posting the footage online. The participant then nominates others to complete the challenge within 24 hours.

As the trend has developed, the stunts have become more and more extreme and at least five deaths have reportedly been directly linked to the game, including a Cardiff man who is believed to have consumed a pint of vodka and a London man who is reported to have mixed a bottle of wine with a quarter bottle of whisky, a small bottle of vodka and a can of lager.

So far, this trend does not seem to have taken place in licensed premises very often. However, you should be aware that your mandatory conditions prohibit carrying out, arranging or participating in any activities encouraging the supply of alcohol for consumption on the premises which carry a significant risk of leading to or contributing to prejudice to public safety. The conditions specifically refer to games or activities that encourage or require individuals to drink a quantity of alcohol within a time limit or to drink as much alcohol as possible.

You should remain vigilant against the current 'Neknominate' trend and ensure that your staff are aware of your position, in order to ensure prompt intervention should anyone attempt the game on your premises.