Festive preparations

Napthens - October 14th 2010

It seems to have come around awfully quick, but the festive period is beginning to draw near and your preparations for the busy period should be underway by now.

It is not unusual for us to get requests to vary licences, for example to remove conditions or to extend hours, too late in the year to guarantee that the variation will have been dealt with in time for the festive period.

Remember for a full application to vary there is a statutory twenty-eight day period to allow for objections, and possibly a further four weeks if objections are received and a hearing is necessary. That means that if a variation application was submitted today, it is possible that it would not be resolved until 10th December, which is well into the festive build-up.

If the proposed changes only require a minor variation, then the period for objections is only two weeks, but if the minor variation application is rejected then a full application to vary is required, so it would still be prudent to deal with it sooner rather than later.

Temporary Event Notices are a little bit more straight-forward, but you still need to serve them ten clear working days before any event that you have planned which is not covered by your premises licence.

Act promptly and make sure you are ready…!

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