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Annual Return Forms replaced

Napthens - August 8th 2016

From the 30 June 2016, every company must now confirm that the information held at Companies House is correct by completing a Confirmation Statement (Companies House form CS01).  This replaces the Annual Return form, AR01.

For a company whose details do not change year on year, a new procedure will simply involve a ‘check and confirm’ that the information held at Companies House is correct. If any information is out of date, the company must file whatever is needed to update the records before, or at the time, that it delivers the Confirmation Statement, by completing the ‘CS01 – Additional Information’ form.

The main features of the Confirmation Statement are:

PSC (Persons with Significant Control) Register Information

From the 6 April 2016, companies now have to keep their own PSC register. A company’s first Confirmation Statement should include information regarding its PSC register. For the first time this information will be disclosed to the public.

Compliance Period

Companies will need to file their first Confirmation Statement on the date on which their next annual return would have been due. The 28 day filing period has now been reduced to 14 days. As before, failure to file within the required period is an offence which will make the company and its officers liable to a fine. Even if there have been no changes, a Compliance Statement must still be filed at least once a year.

Single Annual Fee and Multiple Filings

The fee to file a Confirmation Statement will remain the same (£13 online or £40 for paper filing). However, this will now be payable annually rather than per statement. At least one Confirmation Statement must be filed each year, but companies may choose to submit more than one during that period. This may be to update Companies House of any changes in relation to:

  • Their standard industrial classification (SIC) code
  • Statement of capital
  • Trading status of shares
  • Shareholder information
  • PSC register information

Any other changes, such as changes of directors, secretaries, registered office or single alternative inspection address, must be notified separately on the relevant Companies House forms.

The requirement to file a Confirmation Statement applies to all companies and so if your annual return is due after 30 June 2016 be prepared to provide additional information by the new Confirmation Statement.