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Buying a property

Conveyancing is the term that describes the process of transferring ownership of land or property from one person to another. It takes between 10-12 weeks from start to finish. Complex transactions can take longer and simple ones can take less time.

We can split the process of buying a property into 8 stages.

The stages of buying a property

1. Apply for a mortgage and organise a survey

If you need a mortgage, you can now make your formal application. You should also arrange a survey or valuation report. In addition, we will ask you to pay for search fees and provide appropriate ID.

2. Draft contract bundle and legal checks

We will receive the draft contract bundle from the seller’s solicitor. We’ll check the legal title to the property and apply for the searches. This can be a complex process involving checking and interpreting a number of legal documents. We will then raise any further enquiries with the seller’s solicitor.

3. Sign mortgage deed

When we have received your mortgage offer, we will explain it to you and send you the mortgage deed for you to sign and have witnessed.

4. Read full report and sign contract

When we are happy with your search results and replies to the enquiries we have raised, we will provide you with a full report, and ask you to sign the contract and pay your deposit. We will liaise with the other solicitors in the chain and agree a completion date between you, the buyer, and any other parties in the chain.

5. Exchange contracts

Both parties are now legally bound so the sale price and completion days are fixed. You can now confirm your removal arrangements.

6. Completion statement, deposit and mortgage funds

We will pass on the deposit to the seller’s solicitor and apply for the mortgage funds. We’ll also prepare a completion statement and request the balance of funds from you to complete. You should put your buildings insurance on cover, even though you haven’t completed yet.

7. Sign transfer deed

We will ensure the seller has signed the transfer deed and is ready to move.

8. Completion

We will send the completion money to the seller’s solicitor. You can then collect your keys from the estate agent. Remember to take your meter readings!

Why choose Napthens?

When you are buying or selling a property, the right conveyancer can make all the difference. Our  property specialists lend you the support and plain-English advice you’d expect from a quality law firm, plus a level of due diligence that keeps your interests front and centre.

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