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Your first step to buying or selling your property is to ask us for a quote. We need to know the sale/purchase price of the property in question and some other basic information.

We charge all clients fees based on a scale according to property price and other factors – for example, whether a mortgage is being obtained, whether the property is freehold or leasehold.

Factors that can increase or decrease an estimate

  • If a Lease Extension or a Deed of Variation is required to your lease, in order for your matter to proceed, but was not initially anticipated.
  • If you are purchasing a property and your mortgage lender wishes to instruct separate solicitors to act on their behalf.
  • If a title defect is revealed during the transaction and needs to be remedied by way of drafting further documentation, such as a deed for a right of way.

Why choose Napthens?

When you are buying or selling a property, the right conveyancer can make all the difference. Our property specialists lend you the support and plain-English advice you’d expect from a quality law firm, plus a level of due diligence that keeps your interests front and centre.

  • 24/7 online access
  • Experienced and diligent
  • Dedicated conveyancer
  • Adam Bradshaw
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Adam Bradshaw
  • Alex Owers
    Residential Property
    Alex Colton, Conveyancing Executive at Napthens Solicitors
  • Amy Leslie
    Residential Property
    Amy Leslie, Residential Property Solicitor at Napthens Solicitors
  • Anna Nodwell
    Residential Property
    Anna Nodwell - Residential Property solicitor at Napthens
  • Dawn Culshaw
    Residential Property
    Dawn Culshaw - Conveyancing Executive at Napthens
  • Hazel Jones
    Residential Property
    Hazel Jones Residential Property Solicitor at Napthens
  • Jayne Cassidy
    Residential Property
    Jayne Cassidy - Residential Conveyancing
  • Jennifer Sutton
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Jennifer Snape
  • Kim O'Hara
    Residential Property
    Kim OHara - Conveyancing Executive at Napthens
  • Natasha Athey
    Residential Property
    Natasha Athey - Conveyancing Executive at Napthens Southport
  • Nicole Chrisham
    Residential Property
    Napthens - Nicole Chrisham - Residential Property solicitor
  • Pamela Richmond
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Pam Richmond
  • Rebecca Hardee
    Residential Property
    Rebecca Hardee - Residential Property Solicitor
  • Sally Calvert
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Sally Calvert
  • Simon Ainsworth
    Residential Property
    Private Client - Head of Private Client - Simon Ainsworth
  • Sophia Khan
    Residential Property
    Sophia Khan - Conveyancing Solicitor at Napthens
  • Talitha Murphy
    Residential Property
    Talitha Murphy - Residential Property Business Development Manager
  • Tasneem Mohammed
    Residential Property
    Tasneem Mohammed - Trainee Solicitor at Napthens Solicitors
  • Uzma Begum
    Residential Property
    Uzma Begum Residential Property Solicitor At Napthens Solicitors
  • Zara Zaman
    Residential Property
    Napthens Solicitors Employee Zara Zaman
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My solicitor was very good, always available to speak, willing to help and fully aware of the current situation with the property purchase. Mr Cray