Spinal injuries

One of the biggest causes of spinal injury are road traffic accidents, but they can be caused by an accident at work, perhaps through lifting heavy loads, even an accidental fall onto a hard surface.

Spinal Injuries can cause functional problems and pain. At its most serious, a spinal injury can result in paralysis.

How can we help?

As with any serious injury it’s vital to get the best possible advice from real experts in their field. Whatever type of spinal injury, the lawyer you work with needs sufficient understanding to be able to ask the right questions, and be able to choose and work with the right medical and other experts.

Your lawyer needs to be aware of the rehabilitation procedures available for example, residential pain rehabilitation courses. For an injury resulting in paralysis, the focus of attention will be on setting up an appropriate care regime. So it’s important to have lawyers on your side that understand the issues involved and are able to appoint knowledgeable care managers.

Equally, our specialists will be aware and prepared for the arguments that will be used by any defendants fighting your claim for compensation. In many spinal injury cases there is a need to check and understand pre-existing conditions as defendants may look for opportunities to use a pre-existing condition to lessen any compensation award.

At Napthens our serious injury specialists will work hard on your behalf to ensure that sufficient compensation is obtained so that the victim is provided for – whatever their needs.

Please contact a member of the serious injury team to discuss your needs.