Severe orthopaedic injuries

Serious accidents often result in serious injuries. However it has been sustained, whether a road accident or an accident at work for example, the most common type of injury is an orthopaedic (muscular-skeletal) injury. These can include multiple bone breaks, serious fractures and dislocations.

What may appear to be a straightforward injury can have long term consequences. Serious orthopaedic injuries often impact on an individual’s mobility and can result in many months absence from work, or restrict ability to work in particular types of job – or indeed to work at all.

In some severe cases the injury victim may require intensive or constant care, or need specialist aids, equipment or adaptations to the home to assist them in their life ahead. Those suffering with constant pain may require specialist pain management treatment.

Thought must be given as to how an individual’s situation might change in the future, in light of the injury suffered. Specialist medical opinion is essential and expert orthopaedic evidence may in turn lead to evidence being required in other fields.

How can we help?

Every serious injury and the impact is has on an individual’s life is different, so it’s important that your legal adviser has experience in handling serious injury claims.

At Napthens our team has specialist expertise in dealing with serious orthopaedic injuries and works with a network of expert medical professionals. Our advisers will ensure that appropriate provision is made not just for immediate treatment but for treatment which may be needed in the future e.g. physiotherapy or occupational therapy to ensure the best possible recovery.

With specialist legal advice you can be reassured that your individual case is properly assessed, and all aspects of your injury and on-going rehabilitation needs are evaluated.

Napthens serious injury team will provide the professional and expert legal support you need to help you successfully claim the compensation you deserve.

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