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Cyclist in serious road traffic accident

Our client, a top class chef in his fifties, was involved in a serious accident when riding his bicycle. A lorry cut across his path, dragging him with his bicycle along the road underneath the vehicle.

As a result of the accident he sustained a severely broken pelvis, leg injuries, fractures to his shoulder and spine as well as internal injuries and required extensive medical and rehabilitative treatments.

Napthens instructed and worked with a number of medical and non-medical experts including orthopaedic surgeons, consultant vascular surgeon, occupational therapist, nursing care specialist and forensic accountant to prepare reports which would quantify the claim for compensation.

Our client was unable to return to work in any capacity but with Napthens’ serious injury team working on his behalf, he received damages for the injuries suffered, wage losses to cover up to a normal retirement age and damages for his future care needs.

Accident on a bouncy castle

Our client was taking part in an “It’s a Knock-Out” style event for charity when she slid off the end of a pyramid shaped inflatable at speed. There were no crash mats in place and this resulted in her sustaining a broken back which left her with permanent and significant back problems, limiting her ability to walk and carry heavy objects.

After an initial meeting on site, the company involved admitted liability. However, they later applied to the Court and were granted permission to take back the admission and contest our client’s claim.

Our serious injury team worked with experts in orthopaedics, psychiatry, psychological therapy, pain management, forensic engineers and nursing care to build a case. In the face of powerful evidence, the defendants succumbed, with our client awarded damages in excess of £140,000.

Passenger in a serious road traffic accident

Our client was a passenger in a car being driven by her husband. A third party performed a ‘u’ turn in the road ahead, causing a collision. Our client suffered a broken neck which required the fitting of a metal cage.

Our client was not able to return to work on a full time basis so Napthens pursued a claim on her behalf to include compensation for loss of wages and future wages.

Our serious injury team instructed an orthopaedic surgeon, consultant psychiatrist, consultant neuropsychologist and consultant forensic engineers to provide expert reports to quantify the claim, and arranged for our client to receive physiotherapy and psychotherapy treatments to assist with her recovery.

Although liability for the accident was initially disputed, the defendant did eventually concede liability and our client’s claim was settled in the sum of £90,000.

Moped rider in serious road traffic accident

Our client was 18 at the time of her accident when she was knocked off her moped by a car, sustaining injuries to her hip and leg. It was hoped that she would make a good physical recovery from her injuries but unfortunately, after a short period of improvement, she eventually became unable to walk.

After taking over the claim from alternative solicitors, Napthens‘ specialist serious injury team carried out further investigation. It became apparent that the client had sustained significant head and brain injuries which ultimately rendered her a wheelchair-bound paraplegic for the rest of her life.

This was a difficult and highly complex case which involved working with numerous specialist medical experts, rehabilitative experts and aids and equipment experts.

The serious injury team won compensation for the client for her future care needs and the loss of future potential earnings. She received an award in excess of £1.3m.

Serious infection

The clients in this case were both children who suffered e-coli infections having drunk contaminated milk supplied to their school.

The source of the e-coli was identified as a local dairy.

The children were initially extremely ill, spending time in intensive care. Fortunately they eventually made a good recovery. Medical evidence revealed however that there was a risk of recurring problems much later in life.

Napthens sought and settled a claim for compensation for the children for the injuries they had received to date, but with the provision that should problems occur later in life up to the age of 60, they could go back to Court and obtain compensation by way of provisional damages.

Horse riding injury

Our client had decided to take up riding as a hobby but as an inexperienced rider was inadequately supervised. Unfortunately on one visit to the stables his horse bolted, causing him to land on his back when he fell.

His injuries were so significant that he had to retire from work on the grounds of ill-health.

Napthens serious injury team acted for him in a lengthy, hard fought legal battle on the questions of liability and amount of compensation. The client, who was approaching retirement, received compensation in excess of £100,000.

Head-on collision

Our client, a teenage girl, suffered serious orthopaedic injuries when the vehicle in which she was travelling was involved in a head-on collision.

Her injuries were such that she was faced with the prospect of significant surgery including potential leg shortening/lengthening surgery. Her mobility was significantly restricted which in turn impacted on her ability to undertake certain career choices which previously she had in mind.

Agreement could not be reached with the defendant’s insurers as to how our client’s future had been affected. However, the Napthens’ serious injury team was able to submit significant, specialist orthopaedic evidence and calculations demonstrating the financial and personal effect on her working potential. Settlement terms were finally negotiated at more than £122,000 just before the case was due to proceed to trial.

Defective work equipment

In this case our client suffered a serious injury to his arm and hand in an accident caused by defective work equipment. Having done his best to return to work as early as reasonably possible he was unfortunate enough to be involved in a further accident also caused by his employers, aggravating the injuries previously sustained.

The claim therefore included issues relating to both incidents. Because our client had changed insurers during the period between accidents, negotiations had to take place with both insurance companies. The claim for compensation was eventually concluded with our client receiving £250,000. This figure included not only compensation for injuries and loss of earnings to date, but also allowed for his future loss of earnings, as the seriousness of his injuries meant that his work situation was permanently affected. Initially neither insurer would accept the claim in full, but Napthens’ serious injury team successfully fought the case which concluded with a trial date looming.

Fatal road accident

In this case Napthens’ serious injury team acted for the widow of a pedestrian who tragically suffered fatal injuries when struck by a speeding motorcyclist. Despite the circumstances of the accident the motorcyclist’s insurers refused to accept liability and alleged that the deceased had in some way contributed to the accident.

This meant that our client, who had already had to deal with the loss of her husband, was faced with the prospect of contested litigation in seeking compensation which was clearly due to her. The case was defended vigorously but eventually the insurers agreed to settle our claim on the basis that our client received 100% of the value of compensation.

Skiing injury

Our client went on a skiing holiday with his family. Although he had not skied before, the instructor took the party on a run intended for much more experienced skiers. As a result, and for reasons beyond his control, he suffered injury in a fall.

Napthens’ serious injury team brought a claim against the holiday tour company who had been responsible for arranging all aspects of the holiday. The company robustly denied all liability and refused to accept that our client, as a learner, had been placed in an impossible position. This denial came despite both expert evidence and lay witnesses clearly confirming that this was the case.

The claim proceeded to a 2 day contested trial at which the Judge accepted in full our client’s version of events. The holiday company was found clearly liable for causing our client’s injuries by placing him in an unsafe situation likely to cause him injury. As a result our client recovered full compensation for all his injuries together with reimbursement of all losses and expenses.

Serious injury at work

Our 17 year old client was working as a labourer on a building site. His job involved distributing 6’x3’ boards to joiners. These boards were delivered to site on pallets wrapped with steel bands. He was not provided with any protective equipment such as gloves or goggles, or anything with which to cut the steel bands.

On this occasion, the load had shifted making the steel bands tighter than normal. Our client borrowed a pair of metal shears from a colleague and cut the steel band. The band sprung outwards, hitting our client in his eye, causing permanent and irreversible damage.

As a result of the accident, our client was effectively blind in one eye and incapable of working in any environment that involved moving equipment, or any form of commercial driving.

The Napthens’ serious injury team claimed the employer was liable for the injury on the basis that they failed to provide our client with any personal protective equipment, failed to train him and failed to look after a vulnerable, young employee. Although the defendants denied liability, damages were awarded to our client for the severe damage to his eye and to cover compensation for future loss of earnings through limited employment opportunities (compared to if he had been able bodied).

Serious car accident

Napthens’ serious injury team acted for the driver of a car who lost control when a vehicle pulled out in front of him causing him to swerve. In swerving to avoid a collision he lost control of his vehicle, crashed into a tree and suffered a broken spine.

Our client was tetraplegic (minimal movement below neck) and unable to work again. Although he had a young family to support, his earning capacity was effectively destroyed.

The team worked closely with and gained evidence from a range of medical and other specialists including spinal surgeons, psychiatrists, consultants in rehabilitative medicine, occupational therapists and architects, arranging a suitable care regime, adaptations to his house and appropriate medical treatment.

Accident at work

In this case our client was required, as part of his job, to put goods for storage in an attic. Access to the attic was only via a stepladder and on one occasion he slipped and fell, sustaining a serious fracture to his wrist. He was left unable to lift or weight-bear, he was in constant pain and endured numerous operations.

There should have been an effective method of entry/exit from the attic area in his workplace e.g. permanent steps with handrails, but despite being in breach of the Working at Height Regulations, the defendants attempted to deny liability and blame the accident upon our client.

Napthens’ serious injury team took the case to litigation and won substantial damages for our client. The defendants were forced to pay for private health care operations for him, including surgery to fuse the bones in his wrist. With the lack of dexterity left in his wrist, our client was unable to enjoy his hobbies including fishing and DIY and this was reflected in the damages which accounted for future losses in terms of ability to do certain activities such as house maintenance in future.

Motorcycle accident

Our client was a motorcyclist who had been riding along an ‘A’ road when a car emerged from a side road without stopping, causing a collision. Our client was thrown clear across the car, landing on the road. He suffered severe shoulder and spinal injuries.

As our client worked in heavy engineering he was unable to work again, except in the most mundane and light tasks and then only part-time.

Although liability was admitted by the defendant, they fought the value of the claim, alleging that our client could carry on working as before. The Napthens’ team defeated this argument, with damages awarded to our client on the basis that he had suffered loss of earnings for life, with just a small allowance for irregular, part-time work. Substantial damages were also awarded for loss of the ability to do any form of DIY in future.