Psychological injuries

Psychological injuries can be difficult to diagnose. There can be numerous causes – from a life threatening injury leading to organic brain damage, or a more innocuous event.

Victims of psychological injury and their families sometimes don’t want to admit there is a problem and because it can be difficult to identify and to understand, it can be difficult to speak to others about it – and to seek the right help.

Symptoms can be varied. Victims can suffer anxiety attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, become withdrawn or find themselves unable to cope with day to day issues whether in the workplace, or dealing with personal relationships.

How can we help?

Often legal advisers who deal with injury compensation claims don’t understand the issues surrounding psychological damage. So it’s important that when you seek legal advice you talk to a lawyer that is experienced in this field, is adept at identifying the issues and understands the range of treatments available.

At Napthens our lawyers have the expertise and importantly, work with a network of specialist medical practitioners who are able to advise and provide the treatment that you need.

Of course it is a continually changing environment, with new treatments being developed. In recent years for example there have been developments in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR). Treatment is time intensive and expensive, and the best treatment available is not always available through the NHS.

We will work on your behalf to get those who caused the injury to help to put it right. This means seeking payment for your rehabilitation. You might need expensive treatment – but getting the right treatment can be life changing.

Please contact a member of the serious injury team to discuss your needs.