Head injuries

The effects of a head injury can vary enormously – from slight concussion through to an injury to the brain. While minor injuries can cause health problems such as headaches and dizzy spells, serious injuries can lead to long term or even permanent disabilities.

The impact of a head injury may be obvious on speech or other bodily functions or there may be subtle effects. Diagnosis can be difficult and treatment can be expensive. In the most severe head injury cases, the ability to earn a living or even to have relationships can be seriously compromised.

How can we help?

With any serious injury it is important to get the right help from the right people. You need advice from the right medical experts – whether consultant neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists or indeed, a multi-disciplinary team of specialists.

This is also the case when it comes to legal advice. Dealing with a compensation claim for a serious head injury requires a lawyer with analytical skills and specialist expertise who can understand the very specific issues involved. They will need to work closely with the victim and their family to acquire evidence on the individual’s character, capabilities, how they coped with work and life – and contrast this with the situation after the accident.

At Napthens we have specialist lawyers who will advise and support you every step of the way. Our lawyers understand the importance of effective rehabilitation and work closely with medical professionals on your behalf to ensure you receive the right help for your injury.

For the most serious cases, rehabilitation may be directed towards enabling a victim to cope with the mundane things in life – or at the lower end of the scale may be about getting a person back to work and to leading a normal life through appropriate therapy and support.

Those that caused the damage are under a duty to assist in rehabilitation and our lawyers will work hard on your behalf to see that appropriate compensation is awarded.

Please contact a member of the serious injury team to discuss your needs.