Fatal accidents

Fatal accident cases are by their very nature traumatic for everyone concerned. When you need advice on making a claim for compensation, you need to talk to a lawyer that has the level of experience and expertise to deal with the sensitivities as well as the legal complexities involved.

To understand in the first instance what can be claimed for, it is important to speak to a legal specialist in fatal accidents.

  • In certain circumstances there can be a claim for bereavement damages. This is a sum set by statute and payable only to the surviving spouse of the deceased (including a civil partner) or the parents of a child under 18.
  • Where someone was financially dependant on the deceased there may be a claim for loss of that financial support together with other financial benefits such as looking after children, contribution to household work, pension entitlement etc.

The law determines who is able to claim compensation for such dependency and this includes:

  • Spouse or former spouse (including civil partner)
  • Cohabitee (if living as partners for more than a set period)
  • Parent or child (including a child although not a blood relative, who has been treated as a child of the deceased)
  • Child of a brother or sister or uncle or aunt of the deceased

There may also be a possible claim for the deceased’s injuries in the period after the accident. This can include financial losses arising from the injuries, including loss of earnings.

Funeral expenses can also be claimed.

In certain circumstances there may be a claim for compensation by a relative who witnessed the traumatic events of the accident or its aftermath.


How can we help?

In the tragic circumstances of a fatal accident, you need to turn to legal advisers that are not only professional and understanding in their approach, but have the expertise needed to deal with such a complex case.

The issues involved need clear and careful investigation by a specialist familiar with cases of this type, to ensure that those who are entitled to claim compensation understand what can be claimed, and have the best possible legal advice and support to take them through the process.

Please contact a member of the serious injury team to discuss your situation and assess what compensation your family may be entitled to.