Brain injuries

Sometimes a serious injury to the head can cause organic brain damage which can be permanent.

Because of the complex nature of a brain injury the effects may impact on speech, balance or other bodily functions. Depending on which part of the brain affected, it could lead to some form of emotional trauma and psychological damage. There is a complex interplay between concussion and organic brain injury and depression. Diagnosis can be difficult and will involve speaking to family members and people close to the victim to understand in detail how the person has been affected.

On an emotional level, an injury to the brain can create an inability to cope with life, work and relationships. It can also cause severe pain to the victim, or indeed cause a lack of sensation or control of bodily functions.


How can we help?

Given the serious and complex nature of a brain injury, diagnosis can be difficult and rehabilitation often lengthy and expensive. Getting the right medical help is critical and can involve a number of specialist, medical professionals.

As serious injury lawyers, Napthens’ legal experts understand the particular issues involved with the rehabilitation process and work closely with a strong network of medical specialists to advise and support you.

It is important to get help and advice from experts. At Napthens our serious injury team are professional, highly experienced lawyers. They know the signs to look for, will ask the right questions and working alongside medical professionals, will be able to achieve the best possible outcome for your rehabilitation – and your claim.

Please contact a member of our serious injury team today for an assessment of your claim.