For anyone suffering a serious injury that results in an amputation, it is a traumatic event not just for the victim themselves but their family and loved ones.

The impact of amputation is life changing. The amputee may need suitable prosthesis and may require on going care support and therapy, including pain management. In some cases an amputation can lead to psychological problems which may also require specialist medical attention.

On a practical level amputation can lead to the inability to undertake certain types of work and therefore a change or loss of career. This in turn can have a significant impact on potential future earnings. There may be a need to use a specially adapted motor vehicle, to make adaptations to the home or even to move house.

It is crucial to get the best possible help and advice from the appropriate medical experts and also from legal advisers who are experienced in dealing with injury claims for amputees.

How can we help?

With Napthens’ serious injury team, you can be assured that you will be dealing with a lawyer with specialist knowledge of amputation.

This expertise is important. Claims need to be handled with sensitivity and understanding but our technical knowledge, for example of the different types of orthotics available is also vital, as we will work closely with you to investigate the most suitable prosthesis. With our knowledge of the leading orthotic providers in the country, we can appoint an expert prosthetist to identify the most suitable equipment, taking into account your lifestyle and hobbies.

Working on your behalf in an injury claim, our aim is to try and put you as close as possible to the position that you would have been in if no accident had occurred. This means for example, achieving as perfectly a working orthotic limb (both practically and cosmetically) as possible. And in a constantly changing environment, we can’t rely on the NHS, but keep pace with the technological improvements in orthotics by working with some of leading experts in this field. We will also use our wider network of medical professionals to ensure your on-going rehabilitation needs are carefully evaluated.

Napthens’ serious injury lawyers will provide the legal expertise you need and will work tirelessly on your behalf to claim the compensation you deserve.

Please contact a member of our serious injury team today for an assessment of your claim.