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HR³ People

HR³ People is Napthens’ HR consultancy service – a dedicated team of HR specialists providing expert support to businesses who require additional resource to assist their in-house HR team or require a fully outsourced HR function.

Our team of  experienced and qualified HR professionals  work with organisations to plan and implement HR strategy that will positively change the way a business thinks and operates.  We understand and are passionate in the belief that people are the key to a successful business and developing and engaging a business workforce is critical to that success.

We know effective HR management can deliver proven results for your business, enabling you to achieve your business priorites and your strategic objectives. We will work with you to understand your goals and by partnering your HR strategy with your business strategy, enable you to be in the strongest position to achieve success, profitability and sustainability for your company.

How we offer support

Our services are completely tailored to your business needs.  We provide a variety of flexible options depending on the type and level of support you require.  We recognise of course, that your requirements may change over time and our approach is to be flexible to your changing needs.

We offer a number of service levels:

  • HR Director/ Manager:  A retained, outsourced HR department delivering a full HR/ People service. We will work with you to set a HR strategy aligned with your business needs, agreeing key objectives and delivering on these to ensure you have an effective HR service providing real added value, encompassing on-site and project work.
  • HR Business Partner/ Consultant:  For organisations who have an established HR strategy but require additional support to implement this, or for those who would like help on a new project.  Our HR³ People team can provide advice, guidance and develop support resources and materials  to assist your requirements to ensure your project achieves every success.
  • HR³ OnSite: As HR advisors providing ad-hoc, on-site support on day to day operational requirements including consultation, disciplinary and grievance meetings.
  • HR Mentor: For existing members of a HR team who feel that they require extra support or development to move them from a day to day operational focus to the next level.

Our HR³ People work with small businesses through to large PLCs in the following areas:

For further information and a quote please contact: HR3@napthens.co.uk

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I am proposing to close one of the company’s sites. What should I do?
If you are proposing to make 20 or more employees redundant you must follow a procedure known as 'collective consultation'. The number of proposed redundancies will determine the time frame of the consultation. You must also submit a HR1 form with the insolvency service. As with any redundancy process a fair and reasonable procedure must be followed.

I have an employee who is ‘bad mouthing’ the company, what can I do?
You may have grounds to discipline or dismiss if the employee is bringing the company into disrepute. You must carry out a thorough investigation as part of the disciplinary procedure in accordance with the ACAS Code to decide on the appropriate action. You may also consider whether the company could bring any other action against the employee in relation to defamation.

I have just discovered that an employee has been stealing from the company. What can I do?
You may have grounds to dismiss for Gross Misconduct and if you wish to pursue that you should follow a fair and reasonable disciplinary procedure. You should consider the ACAS Code of Practice if you do not have your own up to date policy.

My company is in financial difficulty and there is not enough work for my employees. However, there is some hope that we may seal a large contract soon. What can I do in the interim?
Employers have no statutory right to lay off employees or place them on short-time working without their express consent, unless you have a right in the contract of employment to do so. Any employee who is laid off or kept on short-time working may be entitled to a statutory redundancy payment. If the poor financial situation continues the business may consider a re-organisation or at worst insolvency proceedings if appropriate.

My employee has suddenly resigned and I suspect he has taken client contact details and the designs of our product. What can I do?
Look at your employee’s Contract of Employment to check if there are confidentiality provisions or post-termination restrictions in the contract that can be enforced. There may also be Intellectual Property clauses which state that all work the employee has created remains the property of the employer. In the absence of any Contract, there are still some implied terms of confidentiality that all employees are bound by.

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    Tax Specialist
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