Financial Settlements, pensions, property

Financial Settlement means something different in every case we see, so we cannot give a standard fixed fee. However, we might be able to offer you a personalised fixed fee for the completion of your Financial Settlement.

We will also do our best to give you as clear a picture as possible at the outset, so you have a complete understanding of the costs that might be incurred for our Financial Settlement service.

How we calculate your fixed fee cost

We will assess the complexity of your individual case. Based on this, we may be able to offer fixed fees for negotiating a Financial Settlement on your behalf; this would be without the need for a Court application, or the stages of dealing with a Court application.

This fixed fee would be agreed with you and based on the specific needs of your case.

If you reach an agreement regarding your property and finances with your spouse, we can draw up a Consent Order which, if approved by the Court, has the same effect as an order made by Court following a full hearing. (Usually when a Consent Order is negotiated, documentation is approved by the court without the need for parties to attend.)

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