Court proceedings costs

Before commencing Court proceedings, all cases must be referred to mediation.  If the case is not suitable for mediation, or mediation is unsuccessful, an application to the court can be made.

Fixed fees for each stage

The 3 typical stages of a Court application are:

  1. Work up to and including the first court appointment – First Directions Appointment (FDA)
  2. Work up to an including the second court appointment – Financial Dispute Resolution (FDR)
  3. Work up to and including a final hearing

We may be prepared to discuss and agree with you a fixed fee for each of these stages.

Fixed fee or hourly rates for final hearings

If your case does not settle at or before the second stage FDR, the case may need to proceed to a final hearing. For this we would normally revert to an hourly rate.

However, once we have a clear understanding of the issues involved, it may be possible to agree a further fixed fee to include work up to and including a final hearing plus the cost of instructing a barrister on your behalf.

Could there be additional costs?

Sometimes it is necessary to obtain valuation of property reports from experts and accountants. These fees are payable on top of any fixed fee.

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