Ben Sears - Director of Strategy and Development at Napthens LLP

Ben Sears

Role: Director of Strategy and Development
Dept: Napthens Management Team
Location: Preston
Direct Dial: 07477059530

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As Director of Strategy & Development, Ben’s role focuses on two distinct areas. One is to oversee the organisation and delivery of the firm’s strategic goals. This includes running our project management team, as well as chairing the Strategy Committee to help formulate and drive change across the business. This will include the adoption of new tools and technology, process improvements, and the implementation of automation, analytics and customer insight.

The second area is the development of new digital products and services, which will help improve customer access to Napthens’ legal expertise and broaden our market reach.


Ben has a background in Software Engineering, having led global teams of developers for world leading data science companies. He specialises in the development of cutting-edge software products, gravitating particularly towards deep analytics, data science and artificial intelligence driven solutions.

His main strengths lie in making the often-complex world of technology, more accessible to the non-technical talent within a business. Helping the whole organisation reap the rewards of the modern technological world.


Ben's career began as an Analyst for a major bank, where he quickly moved onto managing technical projects. He later moved into a global “big data” company as a Project Manager and later Engineering Manager. There he led a team of software engineers, as they sought to build fraud and identification platforms for the UK Government.

Beyond that, having a taste for leading engineering teams, he moved to a world leading data science company, where he led multiple teams building deep insight tools for some of the largest retailers in the world.

By 2021 he had entered the world of Law, taking up a role as Director of Technology Development at another Northwest based law firm, before joining Napthens in May 2022. This introduced him to an industry primed for technological advancement, and it quickly became a passion project to help firms to realise their potential.

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What is your proudest achievement?
At 30 I took up ultra-marathons, having not run for over a decade. By the time I was 34, I had completed over 15 ultras and 20 marathons, often running back-to-back marathons weekend to weekend. Then my wife rumbled me and reminded me I have children I should probably see.

What 3 items would you take with you on a desert island?
A satellite phone. The number for international search and rescue. A solar panel charger for said satellite phone

What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?
Helping the amazing innovators hidden away in a business, to realise their ideas through technology