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Changes to business rates

Napthens - April 3rd 2014
A number of changes to business rates took effect on 1 April. The changes are summarised as follows and could result in significant savings for many operators: A £1,000 business rate discount will apply to pubs, restaurants, local shops...
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Licensing hours relaxed for World Cup 2014

Napthens - March 31st 2014
The Home Office has released the response to the consultation on whether licensing hours should be relaxed for England’s games in the World Cup 2014. Overall, 75% of the respondents were in favour of a national relaxation of licensing...
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Personal licences set to stay

Napthens - March 28th 2014
The Government recently announced a consultation on whether or not personal licences should be abolished.As a result of the responses to that consultation, the Government has now announced that personal licences are remaining in place. The...
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Landlords warned to adopt firm stance against drinking games

Napthens - March 26th 2014
Many of you will be aware of the ‘Neknominate’ drinking game, which has been rife on social media over recent months. It is understood that the original parameters of the game require a participant to film themselves rapidly...
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Relaxation of licensing for World Cup

Napthens - March 17th 2014
A consultation has been launched by the Home Office to help determine whether licensing hours should be relaxed when England matches are played after 8pm (UK time) in the FIFA World Cup 2014. A relaxation of licensing hours would relate to...
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National minimum wage set to rise

Napthens - March 14th 2014
The Government has accepted the independent Low Pay Commission’s (LPC) recommendations for this year’s adult and youth national minimum wage (NMW) rates. As recommended by the LPC, the following rates will come into effect on 1 October...
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