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How can I help my sellers to avoid potential lengthy delays?

Napthens - December 16th 2016
According to Land Registry data, the number of leasehold transactions annually is approximately 260,000. This equates to around 20% of all transactions in England and Wales (according to the Conveyancing Association).
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What do sellers and agents need to be aware of when selling a rented property?

Napthens - November 1st 2016
When selling a tenanted property to potential investors, it is extremely important to be as organised as possible, especially in relation to having all of the paperwork in place regarding the current tenants.
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Selling retirement properties – what are the hidden costs?

Napthens - June 29th 2016
Properties geared towards over 55 year olds are becoming increasingly popular. These types of properties have a number of advantages, which are easy to market and draw in a lot of interest for this age group.
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What you and your clients need to know about the new stamp duty rates

Napthens - February 29th 2016
The Treasury has now closed it’s consultation in relation to the additional stamp duty rates to be levied in relation to second properties. The main changes and the application of them are set out below. Whilst your experienced property investor clients will be well aware of forthcoming changes, it is also important to be clear with your non investor clients as to how the changes will affect them.
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When should you encourage your buyers and sellers to instruct a lawyer?

Napthens - October 19th 2015
The short answer is - EARLY! Advise your buyers and sellers to instruct a lawyer well before acceptance of an offer.
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Help! I have a dispute but want to sell my house!

Napthens - October 9th 2015
Sellers may be keen to sell their property, but are concerned about a current, ongoing disagreement with a neighbour. The disagreement may concern the position of the boundaries, blocked access ways, general nuisance issues, even the encroachment of trees or plants. This doesn’t mean that the property cannot be placed on the market, but it will need further action and consideration.
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Working together to speed up the process

Napthens - August 18th 2015
Selling and buying property can be an extremely stressful time for people, and as a result, we do try to tailor our service to individuals, whether they are first time buyers, haven’t moved in a while or are experienced investors. Whichever category your clients fall into, a certain amount of preparation can assist the process in the long run, not to mention calming the nerves!
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CQS: What does it mean and how will it benefit my clients?

Napthens - June 9th 2015
We are proud to be a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme. Not all law firms who carry out conveyancing work are part of this scheme.
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Property sellers face a ‘knotty’ issue

Napthens - April 23rd 2015
Sellers are required to disclose information on the property forms provided to their buyer, as to whether their property is affected by the Japanese knotweed plant. They are also required to confirm as to whether there is a management plan in place relating to this.
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