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Know Your Customer

Napthens - November 11th 2013
It is easy to avoid potential losses to your business by ensuring you know your customer before doing business with them. We see many clients who have supplied goods or services to customers that fail to pay. When it comes to bringing a...
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Warning over Olympics marketing

Napthens - July 10th 2012
With the Olympics bearing down on us rapidly, many businesses are looking to tap into the enthusiasm that a summer of sport brings. According to VISA Europe, it is estimated that consumer spending for the Games will hit £750,000,000. But...
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Could budget changes mean now is the time to implement an EMI Scheme…?

Napthens - May 11th 2012
An EMI scheme is a type of share option scheme that has been designed to give smaller companies the opportunity to design share option arrangements that meet their specific needs. These have several commercial advantages for a business...
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The Role of a Managing Director

Napthens - November 2nd 2011
The amount of power wielded by Managing Directors has been tested in a recent case, making it all the more important that directors put in place adequate legal agreements to deal with improper conduct on the part of both directors and...
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Advertising Standards Authority (“ASA”) Online Marketing Regulations

Napthens - February 24th 2011
From 1 March 2011 businesses are required to comply with the ASA’s new on-line marketing regulations. The regulations have effectively extended the ASA’s remit to cover on-line marketing as well as off-line marketing. The...
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Don’t fall foul of the Bribery Act

Napthens - January 10th 2011
If you are a trading business, you need to be aware of the effects of the new anti-bribery law which comes into force in April 2011. Its ambit is potentially far reaching as it covers arrangements between private sector entities – it...
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Terms & Conditions – are you protected?

Napthens - September 2nd 2010
It can be a general misconception that if businesses exclude all liability in their terms and conditions or standard form contracts, then they are automatically protected by such provisions. However, the law says that such provisions may...
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New guidance on corporate governance for private companies

Napthens - August 19th 2010
Earlier this year, the Institute of Directors (IOD) published the first edition of Corporate Governance and Principles for Unlisted Companies in Europe. This initiative offers guidance for unlisted (i.e. largely private) companies,...
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