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Sporting events to give pub trade a boost

Forthcoming sporting events will provide a welcome opportunity for many pubs to receive a boost in trade, an expert has revealed.

This year major competitions include Euro 2016 and the Olympics, along with various high profile events in sports including cricket, rugby, Formula 1 and athletics.

Many of the events will take place in regular UK trading hours – France, the host of the Euros, has a one hour time difference and Rio will host the Olympics just two hours behind UK time.

Samantha Faud, solicitor in the Leisure & Licensing team at law firm Napthens, said it is worth checking provisions of existing licenses and bearing in mind that later events in both the Euros and Olympics, for instance, could mean these events will run later than normal.

She explained: “It is worth remembering that during significant events, authorities like the police will pay extra attention to licensed premises with more visits and inspections than usual, so it is imperative that licensees are on the ball and compliant.

“First of all, they should check current premises licence for times and make sure they have the flexibility to do what is needed.

“Read through conditions carefully. Many premises licences contain conditions that only apply when certain events are taking place and they often focus around football matches. They may require things like door supervisors or plastic glasses.

“If a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is required to offer more flexibility on timings or to override a condition then make sure to consult with the relevant authorities early and apply for the TEN at least 10 working days before the event.

“The TEN has to be submitted to the council, police and environmental health department unless it is submitted online, and there is a small fee. Remember there is a limit on how many TENs are allowed.

“It’s very important to remember that there are a number of limitations on what TENs allow a venue to do, so for further advice contact a legal advisor early.”

Sam Faud Blackburn