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Pre-nuptial agreement reminder

An expert in family law is reminding couples looking at getting married to consider a pre-nuptial agreement.

The latest figures for the UK show there were more than 114,000 divorces in 2013, and Helen Lucking, partner in the Family team at Napthens, warns that while many of these separations were amicable, many were not.

Pre-nuptial agreements are not currently legally binding in UK courts, but will usually be upheld if both parties have agreed the content.

Now Helen is urging couples consider utilising such a document to ensure that, if the worst does happen, both parties in a marriage are properly protected with their wishes set out in black and white.

She said: “At this time of year, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, many people’s thoughts are turning to marriage.

“Pre-nuptial agreements are not the most romantic concept, but it’s surprising how many couples do approach us for advice around this time.

“These documents are a simple way to ensure that the assets both parties bring to a marriage are properly protected should the worst happen. This is particularly important for couples who may be marrying for a second time, and may have children from a previous marriage they wish to leave assets to.

“There have been proposals to make pre-nuptial agreements binding in the UK, but until this time as long as the documents are properly prepared and understood by both parties, there is no reason they can’t be relied upon during a divorce.”

Family and Divorce - Partner - Helen Lucking