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Plan now to move house before Christmas

Christmas is a popular time to move house, but to make sure the big move takes place without a hitch, it’s time to plan now.

That is the warning from Sarah Barnes, head of Residential Property at regional law firm Napthens solicitors.

Moving house before the New Year can bring a number of benefits – the chance to celebrate Christmas in a new home, buying or selling before a change in the market or VAT rates.

But Sarah Barnes reveals that for both buyers and sellers, there is plenty that should be done now to ensure that a move goes through without any hitches.

For instance, sellers should arrange for at least three agents to value their property to ensure they are marketing it at the correct price, and buyers should instruct their mortgage provider as early as possible to ensure a funding method is arranged and that evidence of this arrangement are given to the solicitor involved.

Sarah urges both buyers and sellers to ask plenty of questions – any aspect of a house purchase or sale has many topics which may need exploring by professionals, from whether the seller is leaving the bathroom cabinet to whether there are proposed building works in the local area.

Sarah’s top tips to help a Christmas property transaction:

C is for conveyancing specialist. Choose a lawyer who specialises in buying and selling property.

H is for half-term holiday. Think of the effect this may have on possibly slowing down the process and the availability of other sellers and buyers in the chain to work towards a preferred date.

R is for recommendations.  Whether it is an estate agent, lawyer, mortgage advisor or removal company. There is comfort in knowing that someone else has had a great experience with that particular firm.

I is for identification documents and other evidence which will be needed by estate agents, lawyers and mortgage brokers.

S is for selling quickly. Consider the options for selling such as by auction, but be aware of the pros and cons of each.

T is for timing and communication with all parties to ensure that, if there is a chain involved, the timings are clear and a decision can be made over how realistic they are.

M is for moving in and completing a property purchase. Try to arrange payment of any monies for the day before the move to ensure funds arrive on time.

A is for advising various different companies and organisations of the move, such as utility companies, DVLA, doctor, dentist and gyms.

S is for finally settling in and enjoying your new home.

If you require help with the above, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Residential Property team.

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