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‘European brand protection’ warning follows Brexit decision

An intellectual property expert is warning businesses to seek advice over protecting their brands in Europe following the Brexit decision.

Stephen Crossley, solicitor in the Litigation team at regional law firm Napthens, advises clients on European copyright, registering trademarks and design rights.

Following the ‘Brexit’ vote which will see the UK leave the European Union, Stephen is receiving a number of enquiries about whether businesses should continue to protect their brand in Europe using the same methods as previously.

Now Stephen is urging businesses to take advice on this issue as there is a high level of uncertainty over many forms of regulation following the vote.

He explained: “When we eventually leave the EU a lot of work will have been done to disentangle the UK from the European laws we had previously signed up to.

“There is likely to be some form of transitional legislation that will be followed by a new approach to protecting UK brands in Europe, so there is a lot of uncertainty over what the best approach is for now.

“I’ve been asked several times by clients if they should look to secure European protection for their brands, if the law will change in the next couple of years anyway.

“It’s a good question, and any business thinking of licensing a product or brand into the European market should certainly seek advice sooner rather than later in relation to the level of protection they need and in relation to their intellectual property rights on the continent.”